“You need to leave!” Lawlessness escalates at rail blockade in Belleville, Ontario

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In Tyendinaga Township, lawlessness has taken lease — and has actually reached new levels.

Rebel News paid another visit to the ongoing railroad blockades near Belleville, Ontario today.

Lessons learned:

1. Law enforcement — ranging from the Ontario Provincial Police to the CN “police” — continues to merely “observe” the protests (translation: they are turning a blind eye to complete lawlessness, despite being armed with a court order to enforce the law).

2. The lawbreakers are actually becoming... the police! Some of the protesters— who are openly breaking the law of the land — are now taking it upon themselves to enforce the law of “Protest Land.” Without any authority, they are ordering around passersby and members of the media, demanding that their orders be respected.

3. There seems to be a dearth of bona fide natives at these protests (not surprising given that these blockades have not been endorsed by the local band council.)

4. Contrary to popular belief, the protests are not taking place on Mohawk territory.

5. Also contrary to popular belief, the railways are not physically being blockaded by either people or objects.

Bottom line: the Canadian economy continues to be crippled thanks to a lack of political will. And there is seemingly no end in sight...

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