Poilievre dodges question about pulling Canada out of UN's climate agreement

The Conservative leader promised if he were prime minister, his government would pursue alternative methods to lower emissions but avoided answering whether he would withdraw from the United Nations Paris climate accords, which sets net-zero targets and serves as a catalyst behind the Trudeau Liberals' carbon tax.

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On Monday, federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre held an “Axe the Tax” press conference at a Nanaimo, British Columbia, gas station.

Locals passing by, fed up with the rising cost of living — which includes the Trudeau Liberals' 23% carbon tax hike which came into effect on Monday — began to gather to hear the Official Opposition leader speak.

“There will be a carbon tax election with a very clear choice between a costly coalition between Trudeau and the NDP,” and “common sense Conservatives who will axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget and stop the crime,” stated Poilievre from a podium set up by the pumps.

Poilievre further went on to describe B.C.’s carbon tax situation as “a combined tax imposed by Trudeau in Ottawa and happily administered by the NDP government of David Eby here.”

Weeks earlier, Premier Eby mocked Poilievre’s invitation to join seven other premiers in fighting the now-implemented plan to increase the carbon tax.

While Poilievre has made it crystal clear that if his party forms government, they will be axing this tax, what’s less clear is where is party stands on the Trudeau governments Bill C-12, which legally commits Canada to the United Nations Paris Climate Accords Agreement.

This agreement burdens Canada with net-zero emissions targets by 2030 and 2050 that some climate analysts argue are impossible to achieve without causing great consequences for Canadians.

I asked Poilivre to clarify his party’s position on the agreement, and whether he would pull Canada out of it. The Tory leader had a lot to say in response, none of which gave an answer to my question.

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