Police ALLOW climate protest after ATTACKING freedom rally in Melbourne

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Yesterday, police allowed a climate change demonstration to go ahead in Melbourne.

The protest comes a few days after police trapped, pepper-sprayed, beat, arrested and fined 400 anti-lockdown protesters a couple of kilometres away.

I went to cover the planned protest to see how police will react to their little rally after months of arresting people for merely organising lockdown protests on Facebook and then bashing any protesters who show up, no matter how big or small the rally.

Remember the story of Kerry Cotterill?

Kerry's a plaintiff in our Supreme court challenge at SaveVictoria.com.au.

She was walking ALONE, abiding by all the Chief Health Officers directives while holding an anti-Andrews sign before being pounced on by police.

The truth is since Premier Daniel Andrews declared the state of emergency, only one protest had been allowed to go ahead; the enormous Black Lives Matter rally back in June.

Yesterday, police stood by and allowed the second planned protest.

What did they have in common?

They weren't protesting or criticising the premier.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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