WATCH: Police FAIL to act as Antifa thugs rob Melbourne man in front of them

Victoria police watch on as left-wing extremists attack, robbing an independent reporter in broad daylight at the 'Let Women Speak' rally on the weekend.

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Melbourne's streets witnessed a disturbing scene as Shayne, known for his YouTube channel Auditing Australia, became the target of radical left-wing violence during a rally he was covering.

The incident unfolded during a recent 'Let Women Speak' rally, where tensions soared after Shayne was set upon by the counter-protesters simply for filming activity at the event.

Shayne, recording the events with a friend on the day, found himself surrounded and verbally abused by counter-protesters. Despite the escalating situation, he says police intervention remained minimal as he attempted to record the counter-protest.

He described how the police, despite being mere meters away, failed to intervene as he was physically assaulted and robbed of his phone. "The police didn't do nothing," Shayne lamented, highlighting the glaring absence of law enforcement in the face of what he called blatant violence in broad daylight.

As the situation escalated, with Shayne being relentlessly pursued and attacked, the absence of police action became increasingly apparent. Even as Shayne sought assistance from law enforcement, he claims his pleas fell on deaf ears, leaving him to fend for himself amid the chaos.

Shayne insists his YouTube coverage, which documents police accountability and their obligation to uphold the law impartially, is apolitical.

However, this dedication to documenting police interactions, aimed at ensuring accountability, was met with hostility and violence from counter-protesters who didn't seem to want their public actions recorded on camera.

Despite the experience, Shayne says he remains resolute in his commitment to holding authorities accountable and shedding light on the realities of law enforcement conduct.

His ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by independent media and the critical role they play in upholding transparency and accountability.

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