Police stand by idly as pro-Hamas protesters call for genocide outside synagogue

Pro-Hamas demonstrators were triggered with a real estate event staged at a Thornhill, Ont. synagogue. Naturally, these thugs called for the genocide of Jews while cops, as usual, looked the other way.

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Last Sunday in Thornhill, Ont., dozens of pro-Hamas demonstrators assembled near the Aish Hatorah synagogue. This place of worship, located in a heavily Jewish neighbourhood just north of Toronto, was staging an event aimed at helping Canadians purchase property in Israel.

Alas, the pro-Hamas supporters reckoned this was another opportunity to shutdown an event and harass attendees because, well, that’s about the only thing these people excel at doing these days.

The pro-terrorism supporters were met by pro-Israeli counter-protesters, each group being segregated by police on separate sides of Clark Avenue.

Coincidentally, two other real estate themed protests were taking place in Toronto on that day. A group of people, including Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, held a demonstration outside the Ontario Science Centre. The Doug Ford government plans to demolish this edifice and use the footprint for affordable housing. A new Science Centre is to be constructed as part of the redevelopment of Ontario Place. (We always thought Mayor Chow and her ilk love the idea of affordable housing? Never mind.)

Speaking of Ontario Place, a protest was held at this waterfront attraction regarding that aforementioned redevelopment plan.

But the point is, those real estate protests were very different from the one occurring outside the Aish Hatorah synagogue in that, to the best of our knowledge, nobody on the grounds of the Ontario Science Centre and Ontario Place were advocating for genocide.

Alas, that was the du rigueur narrative on Clark Avenue by the pro-Hamas thugs, who chanted such vile phrases as “from the river to the sea”, “intifada”, and “go back to Poland.”

Par for the course, York Regional Police did nothing. And yet, we wonder: if a group of Jews and their allies assembled outside a mosque advocating for death and violence against Muslims, would this be tolerated? Or would Prime Minister Justin Trudeau race to the scene to denounce Islamophobia? (If one need potential proof to support that hypothesis, kindly Google “hijab hoax.”)

The double standard and the two-tier policing that has taken root since the Oct. 7, 2023 massacre in Israel is downright disturbing. Jewish restaurants and businesses have been targeted by the pro-Hamas mob who think nothing of vandalizing and firebombing such places.

And given the woeful inaction of both police and politicians, the mob gets further emboldened by the day. (At least on this occasion, no cops reimagined themselves as Uber Eats drivers and delivered coffee and Timbits to the pro-Hamas contingent.)

Postscript: it would be wrong to say that no law enforcement was being carried out on this day. The City of Vaughan’s bylaw department was oh so diligent, handing out $60 tickets to those vehicles that were illicitly parked. Priorities, you understand…

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