Pollution pods: Simulating bad air quality at the UN climate summit and recommending Canadian solutions

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It’s our second day here in Madrid, Spain at the UN Global Warming Conference and we took in a little arts and culture, courtesy of the World Health Organization.

The art installation we visited were” pollution pods”, an interactive pollution experience in geodesic domes meant to replicate the air quality and particulate levels in some of the world’s dirtiest cities, like London, São Paulo, New Delhi and Beijing.

Keean and I noticed that despite the UN’s constant bashing of fossil fuel rich North America, there were no North American cities featured in the stinky display. And, the only criticism we have seen so far of the failed environmental stewardship of China has come in the form of art. 

We left the pods stinky with a solution: the world needs more Canadian oil and gas if it wants to clean up its act.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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