Premier Smith joins CBC’s show, '22 Minutes' and roasts Trudeau

When Smith was asked what is one thing she’d ask the PM, she said, ‘Well he should stay out of Alberta’s business and stick to federal jurisdiction. I think that’s what the Supreme court said and that’s what I’d love.’

Premier Smith joins CBC’s show, '22 Minutes' and roasts Trudeau
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The state broadcaster's flagship government-funded comedy show, 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes,' in its latest episode of season 31 titled, 'The High Cost of Laughing,' featured all of Canada's premiers making light of the dire cost-of-living crisis citizens face after eight years of Trudeau's regime.

Mark Critch, one of the star talents of the cast, begins the segment by speaking with Premiers from each province to gather their thoughts on Trudeau’s recent carbon tax carve-out.

This carve-out exempts Atlantic Canadians heating their homes this winter from the cost-increasing tax, but only for three years.

When this was announced in late October 2023, Pierre Poilievre, along with all provincial leaders, called out the hypocrisy and used this as evidence that the pricing scheme was political all along.

They demanded the tax be removed for all Canadians instead of just a certain sect of the East Coast electorate.

Mark then transitions from a one-on-one with the Premier of the Yukon, Ranj Pillai, who admits that Trudeau never called him about a potential carve-out for his province. Pillai recommends that the comedian speak with Premier Smith, as she is deemed the 'most powerful Premier in Canada.’

In the next scene, he meets Danielle Smith, gives her his greetings, and expresses his gratitude.

“As a comedian, you’re my favourite Premier since you kinda do crazy stuff,” he says.  “Whether it’s blowing up the CPP(Canadian Pension Plan), or talking about Alberta Sovereignty. If you were to separate, what would be on the flag? Would it be the wildrose or would it be just one of those F*CK Trudeau flags?”

The government comedian then goes right to the point and asks her what she would ask Trudeau.

With no hesitation she slams the Prime Minister for his continual federal overreach on Alberta’s energy sector, despite a recent court ruling deeming it illegal.

“Well he should stay out of Alberta’s business and stick to federal jurisdiction. I think that’s what the Supreme court said and that’s what I’d love,” Smith stated.

Critch jokingly replies, “I can’t do that,” and drops a brand new in box heat pump air conditioner to which the Premier declines saying “they don’t work in Alberta, we get below -25.”

Mark looks at the camera and then says “it’s from the Liberal government, it’s not going to work.” Smith laughs and the scene cuts to her rolling the boxed heat pump through the hotel lobby.

The episode began with Critch portraying a Liberal door knocker, mocking the low support the ruling party currently has in Canada. In the first skit, mere seconds into the show, he experiences a door slammed in his face, ignores a house with an infamous F*CK Trudeau sticker on their truck, gets yelled at by a man who lost his job, and asks a woman living in a tent on a residential street for her thoughts on the party after eight years.

“Seriously?” She replies as she zips up the tent.

This references the concerning increase in tent cities across the country as citizens grapple with unprecedented rises in housing and cost of living prices. The situation is exacerbated by the Liberals' push for mass immigration and their controversial carbon tax.

In 2024, the targets will aim for 485,000 permanent residents, with an increase to 500,000 the following year. Additionally, there will be a significant influx of foreign temporary workers and international students. 

Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem informed the Commons finance committee that the tax on pollution and other key Liberal policy measures has contributed to a 16% increase in inflation."

Sign our petition at to send a message to PM Trudeau and his supporters to help Canadians unleash their natural resources and ease the cost of living crisis.

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