Pro-freedom candidates suddenly dropped from B.C. Conservatives speak out

Pro-freedom candidates, who were suddenly dropped by the Conservative Party of B.C., discuss why they believe they were tossed to the side and what that means for the party.

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In today's report, I had the opportunity to interview two medical professionals who were suddenly dropped as candidates by the Conservative Party of British Columbia (CPBC) for this year's provincial election.

Seasoned family doctor Stephen Malthouse was set to run for Ladysmith-Oceanside, and retired nurse Jan Webb for Esquimalt-Colwood. They were dropped two weeks ago, and both have spoken out against the politically correct COVID-19 narrative.

The party's decision to drop them, especially in what appeared to be a reaction to the candidates being smeared by legacy media, for spreading "COVID misinformation," has caused some of the party's supporters to question whether the Tory party's commitment to respecting freedom of speech is as solid as they believed it to be.

Despite amplifying the voices of constituents often ignored by politicians, such as those still seeking justice in medicine over COVID-19 tyranny and parents demonized for not wanting a say in what's appropriate for their child's education, the Conservative Party of British Columbia has continued to make great political strides since rebranding itself in 2022.

Will the axing of two pro-freedom candidates now put a wrench in their rising success?

During my interviews, both Malthouse and Webb share their thoughts on the party now, and leader of the CPBC, John Rustad, responds to those concerned about the two MLA hopefuls getting the boot.

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