Protest organizer treated like political dissident, charged more than $13,000

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Sharon Vickner is one of our current Fight the Fines clients from Manitoba. Sharon has received multiple $1,296 tickets for breaching the Public Health Act, and has now been ticketed well over $13,000. Her crime? Protesting Premier Brian Pallister’s lockdown measures.

If that wasn’t bad enough, on May 28 an announcement was made by the Winnipeg Police Service in regards to six individuals who have been opposed to the lockdowns, including Sharon. Four of these individuals were arrested, all of whom signed the ludicrous conditions of their release, including not to speak to the others who were also issued warrants. Before being able to sign the release conditions, they were held for over twelve hours, some even overnight — all for something that appears to be a non-arrestable offence.

All that was required was the signing of the conditions for release, but the Manitoba government chose rather to turn this into a form of punishment, treating the detainees like second-class citizens in a first world country. Some were prevented from using restrooms and forced to convert their own cells into lavatories. Sharon told us that she was prevented from sleeping by guards banging on her door every five minutes, all night long. These prolonged and punitive detainments are the latest scare tactics from Pallister and the health bureaucrats to whom he has given unimaginable authority.

The measures being used by the Manitoba government, allegedly to protect citizens from the coronavirus, are more in line with tactics used in China to mitigate political dissidence. At least now I know why Pallister has some of the lowest approval ratings of any premier in the country.

We are helping Sharon fight these tickets, and if you wish to support her and others who are in this exact situation, please go to

Fight the Fines is a Rebel News civil liberties project where we connect top criminal lawyers and civil litigators with people who have received lockdown tickets to help them fight their tickets at no cost to them. All donations also now qualify for a charitable tax receipt through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

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