Protesters in Crowsnest, AB, rally against 'carbon tax' increase

On April 1, more than a hundred protesters gathered in Crowsnest, AB, to oppose the newly imposed federal 'carbon tax.'

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On April 1, over a hundred demonstrators gathered at Crowsnest Lake, AB, to express opposition to the newly imposed federal "carbon tax" on Canadians. The federal government markets this tax as a punitive measure against what it describes as "pollution" in the form of carbon dioxide, further claiming it drives "climate change."

Many supporters who spoke with Rebel News rejected the premise of "climate change," viewing it as a euphemism for anthropogenic global warming, where the government claims carbon dioxide emissions from gas and oil consumption drive dangerous global climatic changes.

Demonstrators often remarked on the increasing costs of living and financial hardship wrought upon themselves and people they know via continuously increasing governmental taxation and regulatory costs.

Some told Rebel News they know Canadians struggling to pay for essentials such as home heating, medication, and groceries.

Protesters also highlighted the disproportionate impact of the increased "carbon tax" on rural Canadians compared to urban Canadians, noting the former's higher rates of gasoline consumption due to the distances they must travel as part of their daily lives. Demonstrators observed that the greater average distances travelled by rural and remote Canadians relative to their city-dwelling counterparts place a heavier financial burden on them.

Some participants in the rally pointed out the rise in indicators of poverty in their cities, such as increasing rates of visible vagrants, destitution, and drug addicts, commonly referred to as "homeless" persons. They also mentioned that the demand for charitable relief, such as food banks and shelters, indicated worsening financial conditions across Canada caused by corrupt and parasitic government practices.

Several demonstrators noted that many Canadians of means have either fled the country or are considering doing so due to worsening financial and social conditions.

Rebel News attended and reported on several demonstrations across Canada on Easter Monday opposing the increase in the "carbon tax."

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  • By David Menzies

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