Public Service worker to resign citing 'serious lack of accountability' by Trudeau Liberals on Bill C-21, Emergency Commission

Canadian government worker John Thomson formally issued his letter of resignation from the public service over Trudeau Liberal policies and behaviour he deemed not to be in the interest of Canadians.

Public Service worker to resign citing 'serious lack of accountability' by Trudeau Liberals on Bill C-21, Emergency Commission
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“My last day will be February 24, 2023,” tweeted Thomson, citing his profound opposition to Bill C-21, An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms), that negatively impacts millions of law-abiding Canadians who own guns.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau aims to prohibit and confiscate even more firearms under Bill C-21, his newest attack against government-licensed gun owners and businesses after the federal government proposed an amendment to ban all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns capable of integrating an external magazine.

The legislation's first clause now includes rifles and shotguns “capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner, and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed.”

The amendment lists an additional eighteen firearms identified by name.

Thomson added that it had been repeatedly proven that legal gun owners and firearms are not to blame for violent crime in Canada. “It's a wedge [issue that damages] people's businesses, finances and lifestyle. It's not about safety. It never was.”

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) held a press conference at Parliament Hill on Wednesday, where they voiced firm opposition against the “disastrous” and “atrocious” legislative amendment.

The CCFR cited that since 2015, crime and violence have skyrocketed under Trudeau's Liberal government — which has been propped up by Jagmeet Singh's NDP since April 2022 — without meaningfully targeting criminals illegally possessing firearms.

“The liberals have rolled out three gun bans in three years, while gang-related homicide has shot up 92% — basically doubled — along with a 32% rise in violent crime all since the Liberals took office," said CCFR VP Tracey Wilson. “What exactly have we done to deserve this, and how will this improve Canada?”

In 2021, Canada's homicide rate rose to its highest level since 2005, with 90% of firearms-related homicides committed by persons who did not possess said firearm legally. According to Statistics Canada, authorities conducted investigations without that information for over three-fifths (61%) of firearm-related homicides.

Thomson also cited the “serious lack of regard for transparency and accountability” of government officials during the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) as another reason for leaving public service.

The POEC's hearings concluded on Friday with Prime Minister Trudeau denying that he called unvaccinated Canadians racists and misogynists.

The prime minister conveyed that he considered invoking the Emergencies Act, despite the Freedom Convoy not engaging in violence nor possessing any firearms on site. But still, he insisted on a military-police crackdown against the protest because of its potential to ‘incite violence.’

During last week's hearings, Justice Minister David Lametti also admitted that he left Ottawa for Montreal during the protests, which he referred to as an “occupation” and not consisting of ‘legitimate’ protesters.

A scathing text exchange between Lametti and his chief of staff revealed the minister had considered enacting the Emergencies Act over a perceived inability of local law enforcement to handle the protest.

Lametti also pressed Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino for military and police intervention after he felt ‘personally threatened’ by the supposed violent images and rhetoric coming from the convoy. He even ‘jokingly’ requested military equipment to deter the protests, including a tank.

The testimony of National Defence Minister Anita Anand revealed she asked her chief of staff to gauge what military equipment would be available at their disposal. She confirmed that the Canadian Armed Forces requested “limited” military equipment to contain the Freedom Convoy.

Despite the recent controversies surrounding Bill C-21 and the Public Order Emergency Commission, Thomson said he would not leave his job until his employer found a suitable replacement. Otherwise, he said it would be “incredibly disrespectful” to his co-workers, whom he deeply admired.

“Yes, this will cost me, but not my self-respect,” tweeted Thomson.

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