Quarantine hotel protesters visit Premier Ford's family biz, Deco Labels

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As per usual, patriotic protesters showed up at the Radisson quarantine hotel near the Toronto airport to hopefully shuttle inmates — er, I mean, “guests” — to their homes. Alas, there were no takers on this day.

And so it was that the demonstrators decided on a whim to move their protest five minutes east to the Toronto HQ of Deco Labels, which happens to be owned by none other than Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

But as we pondered last week in a report about this company: is Premier Ford in a conflict-of-interest position?

After all, Deco Labels allegedly manufactures various signage and stickers and decals — you know, the type that retailers must use these days to inform their customers of COVID-19 protocols in their shops.

Surely business is booming for Premier Ford/CEO Ford these days. And if that is indeed the case, the question arises: why would the premier want to rush the province out of lockdown mode? Because, doing so would NOT be good for business… well, HIS Deco Labels business, that is...

We strive to be accurate, of course, so we reached out to Ivana Yelich, the premier’s director of media relations, for comment. We received radio silence in return, which is increasingly becoming par for the course...

So we ventured out to Deco Labels for answers. What did we get? A rude man on the intercom ordering us to leave the premises immediately — or face trespassing charges. Needless to say, he did not answer our questions regarding the premier’s potential conflict of interest, nor did any employees leaving the plant have much to say.

Sure enough, the protesters descending on Deco Labels last Thursday didn’t receive any answers either. And yes, police eventually arrived on the scene (for reasons unknown, given that the protesters mostly remained on the street, not on the private property of Deco Labels).

Golly, folks, whatever happened to Ford’s 2018 election campaign slogans? Such as, “For the people” — hey, Doug, which people?

And how about, “Ontario: Open for business” — I guess he meant to say “certain” businesses...

I wonder if we could place an order at Deco Labels for a bright blue decal that reads: “Doug Ford: Not exactly as advertised.” I think that would look both brilliant and appropriate on the premier’s suit lapel...

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  • By David Menzies

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