Police, protesters face off outside two Toronto quarantine hotels

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We returned yet again to the Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport — a property that is anything but “sweet” these days. Actually, it is increasingly looking like a prison camp. The walls are getting higher and the gates are being further fortified. What next? A moat filled with alligators?

Currently, the rank and file of the Toronto Police Service serve as the muscle, and just like previous weeks, the cops were handing out tickets as though they were dispensing confetti at a Super Bowl victory parade.

That’s because once again, several dozen demonstrators gathered outside the property offering guests — or are they “inmates”? — rides home.

And once again, these Good Samaritans actually made contact via phone with some detainees, although these folks, likely intimidated by the huge law enforcement presence, decided to remain incarcerated.

Also making a reappearance at the hotel was scaredy cat security guard, Jamie. He’s the chap who told us back in January that the hotel was closed to the public because it is under construction (despite the dearth of construction workers and construction equipment, and an excess of civilian faces pressed up against the hotel’s windows). But we checked the regs: if under construction, the hotel would, by law, have to display its building permits. None were on display, so we informed police of this violation, but they weren’t interested in enforcing THAT particular law. Funny that! (Then again, do you think maybe Jamie could possibly be... a liar?)

The protesters then drove north to do their schtick outside the Alt Hotel. The terrified manager there called police and offered no comment to Rebel News, deferring all questions to the Hotel Association of Canada!

We called; got voicemail; left a message; still awaiting a callback. Now, that’s hospitality!

The protesters vowed to return next Thursday to the Radisson and the Alt for another hoped-for intervention. We shall be there as well given that, as per usual, the mainstream media are sitting this one out. I wonder why?

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  • By David Menzies

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