Racist event hosted by BC Premier excludes English-speaking reporters

The so-called 'inclusive' BC NDP premier's post-budget roundtable discussion in Surrey excluded Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey from entering due to being the wrong ethnicity, according to a media handler.

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I still can't believe it! On Tuesday, March 5, I was told that I was the wrong ethnicity, and thus denied the ability to cover an important roundtable discussion about British Columbia's 2024 Budget, for the public.

Despite B.C.'s English-speaking NDP premier being at the head of the discussion, a media handler at the event's entrance told me that "only south Asian media" was welcome and that I wouldn't understand because the talk would be in Punjabi.

Perhaps even more ironically racist than a journalist who happens to be a woman of colour (not that that should matter with matters of free press) being denied the right to cover the event for you, is that among the RCMP officers who stood by to stand guard for Eby's discriminatory event, was an officer who arrived in the Surrey RCMP's special "diversity unit" squad car.

Rebel News reached out to the NDP to get a statement on how excluding English-speaking, non-south Asian media from any of the premier's discussions on public matters aligns with the party's commitment to supporting a "truly inclusive British Columbia" but did not receive a response.

Click on the full video report to see more about what took place during Eby's exclusive post-budget discussion, including why protesters who gathered outside of the Surrey Grand Taj Banquet Hall, where the event took place, were demanding the premier's resignation.

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