WATCH: Radio host applauds Avi Yemini's best-selling book

3AW Radio host Neil Mitchell praises 'A Rebel From The Start' with a positive review.

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Veteran 3AW Radio host Neil Mitchell has given his tick of approval to Avi Yemini's new book A Rebel From The Start in a recent interview.

"I enjoyed the book and  I think it's a good read", Mitchell said.

The Rebel News reporter joined Mitchell for a wide-ranging conversation as part of a recent podcast episode, with Mitchell giving a positive review of the book, despite some differences in opinion.

He noted: "It's raw, it's real. And I don't doubt it's honest."

The seasoned radio host acknowledged Avi's genuine personality that he said comes across in the writing, capturing the true essence of someone who is often the target of character attacks in the mainstream media.

"I don't like some of what it says, but I don't doubt that it's you. I think this interview has confirmed it. I mean, you're very much what comes across in the book", he added.

Avi's rebellious nature was evident throughout the interview, especially when discussing his impact on mainstream media and his approach to journalism.

At one point, Mitchell even jestingly questioned if Avi was "a bit mad," to which Avi replied that he's seen what normal is and doesn't want to be that.

The discussion covered a wide array of topics, including the nature of "influencing," Avi's personal aspirations, and the daily challenges of public life.

Avi agreed with the radio host that he is "no Hemingway," taking a more authentic tone in documenting his journey in crafting the book, describing the process it as "a painful year" of his life.

As the conversation shifted to their influence in the public space, the pair traded barbs over the responsibilities that accompany such a position, leading to some engaging back-and-forth.

In the end, despite some disagreements, Mitchell described A Rebel From The Start as a "quick and enjoyable read" that encapsulates Avi's life and beliefs.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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  • By Avi Yemini

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