Randy Hillier, Ontario MPP, debunks Doug Ford's COVID-19 response

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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Randy Hillier, Independent MPP for Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston. Hillier has been a steady, dissenting voice against the COVID-19 lockdown, which he refers to as a “casedemic” rather than a pandemic.

We spoke about unreported truths in hospitalization and death rates, as well as the economic fallout of the coronavirus restrictions, how the government could be empowering parents with more options for back-to-school and the culture of fear being fostered by our politicians.

In our interview, Hillier critiques the government's reaction, the responses of local health units, and how citizens are complying without question.

Hillier spoke about his peaceful civil disobedience, and how to go about making your voice heard on social media to let governing (and appointed) bodies know you do not agree with how they are handling the situation.

Hillier has a petition to put the $12,500 per pupil federal funding directly to parents instead of school boards. His efforts are drawing the attention of teachers who are reaching out to him with their concerns around masking and distancing.

Many are thankful for Hillier's rejection of the mainstream fear porn” narrative in favour of sharing raw data which allows people to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions about the efficacy of the lockdown.

Why are governments encouraging fear instead of rational analysis of the facts?

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