RCMP grabbed Rebel reporter just before Trudeau's presser — dragged out by the cops!

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Justin Trudeau had me physically thrown from a press conference at Rideau Cottage.

It just happened to be the same day that Trudeau announced he would shut down Parliament for the entire summer during a pandemic.

Justin Trudeau has been hosting the Trudeau Morning Show from his front steps for months now. He has tried to convince the opposition that his press conferences are somehow an accountability replacement for Question Period.

It is not hard to understand why he thinks this way. The Prime Minister can’t pick and choose the questions he gets asked in the House of Commons, but on his front porch, he runs the show.

Like most people I have been at home for weeks, doing my job remotely. I have been calling in to Trudeau’s morning propaganda sessions waiting patiently to ask Justin Trudeau important questions.

It was revealed that a partisan staffer was filtering the questions that were allowed to be asked to Trudeau, and that was the line. I sued his government and a Federal Court judge wrote an unprecedented ruling giving us an expedited trial. That is ongoing, — you can learn more, including about how you can help us fight, at LetUsReport.com — but the problem is, now that Parliament is about to be suspended, Trudeau could stop his Morning Show any day.

So I booked a flight to Ottawa. I wasn’t going to let a partisan staffer get between myself and my job.

Terry Gullion, who keeps the press on a choke collar for Trudeau, was waiting for me. Even after security allowed me through the official Princess Anne entrance, once Gullion got word that a Rebel News  journalist was about ask unapproved questions, he sicced the RCMP on me, and they escorted me off the property.

Democracy is dying in Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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  • By Ezra Levant

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