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RCMP say ZERO death threats lodged against Trudeau's cabinet ministers

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Have you heard about the new censorship law that hasn’t been written yet, but is coming nonetheless? You can see what the coming law is meant to do, read the Liberals’ own discussion papers on the plan to censor the internet and sign our petition to fight back, because no one else is, at Fight back, while it’s still legal to.

Our censorship czar, a.k.a. Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, has admitted as much: life is hard out there for public servants, like MPs and bureaucrats. It’s rough when those serfs who pay their over-inflated salaries say mean things to them.

And of course, Catherine McKenna, the failed environment minister who said she had no time for climate deniers, and who was shuffled over to fail as the infrastructure minister who lost track of billions of dollars in taxpayer funded projects, routinely talks about how she needs an advanced security detail because of death threats.

However, in this article about her victimhood, the evidence provided by McKenna suggested people just shouted rude things at her, along with the odd swear, but not actual death threats. That’s not nice, but it’s not a death threat.

The information I share with you in this video debunks those claims by Guilbeault about the dangers of being in government. At Rebel News, we closely monitor pro-active releases.

And here is what we found:

Organization: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Year: 2021

Month: May

Request Number: A-2020-07257

Request Summary: Obtain a copy of any statistics/data in the possession of the RCMP showing the number of times that federal ministers received death threats for each of the following years: 2016 to Oct. 9, 2020.

Disposition: No records exist

Number of pages: 0

The mainstream media could have asked this question, and discovered the information didn’t fit their narrative about the poor endangered politicians in need of censorship laws and crackdowns on citizens to protect them from imminent danger. But the mainstream media abandons this sort of inconvenient information all the time. With proactive releases, however, it can’t stay buried forever. It’s there — all we have to do is the work of looking.

It’s one of the reasons why Trudeau’s new censorship plan is coming for Rebel News. We report the things that the mainstream media is paid by Trudeau, through endless bailouts and subsidies, to either ignore or sometimes even bury.

To send a message to the government that we don’t censor free people in a free society, that the right to free expression is a fundamental human right, and that there is no right of politicians and well-paid bureaucrats to not have their feelings hurt by the people for whom they work, please visit

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  • By Ezra Levant

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