Rebel News hand-delivers a human rights complaint about Trudeau to the United Nations

Yesterday, Rebel News reporter Sheila Gunn Reid and civil liberties lawyer Sarah Miller officially served a meticulously drafted human rights complaint against Justin Trudeau to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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The UN officially stamped and certified a receipt of the legal complaint, which included a 15-page summary letter, plus hundreds of pages of evidence of how the Trudeau government has abused human rights in Canada over the past couple of years. It gives numerous examples of different human rights violations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 18, 19, 20 and 39.

See the document for yourself:

The three-inch binder full of papers accuses Trudeau and the Canadian government of systematically violating the human rights of Canadians with brutal lockdowns, violent policing, political prosecutions and a pathological targeting of peaceful dissenters, including Christian churches.

Examples include Artur Pawlowski, Tamara Lich, and others who have been targeted specifically, not necessarily because of the pandemic but because they are expressing a viewpoint contrary to Trudeau's mandates or are trying to practice a religion contrary to the interests of the government.

The complaint contains the invocation of the Emergencies Act and the seizures of the bank accounts of political dissidents. These were unprecedented steps and a very aggressive response by the federal government to what was mostly peaceful protesting when they had other mechanisms that could have been used to respond to any concerns that they had.

Although the UN is a globalist institution, run by dictatorships such as China and Iran, they do have a commission with the purpose of investigating the kind of political abuses that Trudeau and other Canadian politicians have committed. Submitting a human rights complaint such as this one has the potential to hold Trudeau accountable to the UN, as well as to make the Canadian human rights abuses known to other democratic countries. 

If you'd like to donate to help cover the cost of our emergency trip to submit this human rights complaint, please consider making a donation to

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