Rebel reporter joins Ezra Levant as violence erupts at French May Day protests

Callum Smiles was reporting on the ground as French police fired tear gas cannisters in the direction of protesters.

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As protesters in France took to the streets on May Day demanding wage increases and fair retirement policies, Rebel News reporter Callum Smiles was on the scene of one of the violent demonstrations.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Callum joined Ezra to discuss why French citizens were so motivated to take to the streets in protest of what they call 'anti-democratic' policies. The two also examined the heavy-handed police response to the protests.

As stated by Callum, "The problem everyone has here is the lack of democracy. They are saying that Emmanuel Macron has undemocratically raised the state pension age without the consent of the people."

"There's been a general bubbling throughout Europe, especially in the U.K., against this idea of this cost of living crisis which many people say is artificially inflated....many people are saying that it's actually the government that is artificially inflating things to make the people poorer and to get rid of the middle class," added Callum.

Speaking about law enforcement's response to the demonstrations, Callum said, "The police will rush in with tear gas, they use the watercannon, they go in with batons, the best way to describe it is a game of cat and mouse."

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