Our plan to stop Trudeau's C-11 censorship law

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently passed Bill C-11, a law designed to regulate the internet in Canada. This law is an attack on internet freedom, and we're fighting back.

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra details Rebel News' plan to counteract this controversial legislation.

Trudeau is pushing four censorship laws in total, with C-11 being the most significant. The bill declares websites to be on par with traditional TV and radio stations, thus making them subject to regulation by Trudeau's Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The law contains specific "conditions" that internet companies must follow, such as the proportion of programs that must be Canadian and the amount of French language and diversity content.

Moreover, Section 9.11 E enables Trudeau's regulator to tell companies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Rumble which videos to promote and which ones to suppress.

While fighting these laws is an uphill battle, we believe it is essential to take action. Here's our four-step plan aims to inform Canadians about the law and gather support for its repeal:

  1. Visit stopC11.comThis website contains information about C-11, including videos, articles, and expert opinions on its impact on internet freedom.
  2. Sign the petition at stopC11.comA petition to repeal the law is available on the website. While the current heritage minister may not listen to this petition, it is hoped that future ministers or a Conservative government may take action.
  3. Learn about the law: We urge Canadians to educate themselves about C-11 and its potential consequences on internet freedom. The more people understand the law, the more they can take effective action against it.
  4. Support legal challenges: Rebel News has a history of challenging censorship in court. By supporting these legal battles, Canadians can help protect their internet freedom. You can help by donating using the form on this page or at stopC11.com.

You can see full details about our plan at stopC11.com and bookmark the website now for reference.

While Trudeau and his government continue to push for increased control over the internet, Rebel News, with your support, is determined to fight back. As the battle against C-11 unfolds, Canadians must decide if they will stand up for their internet freedom or let government regulation dictate their online experience.

GUEST: Rebel News' Callum Smiles joins the show from the middle of the ongoing unrest in France.

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