Record number of illegal migrants enter England in a single day

With the Home Office showing no signs of being able to mitigate the situation, 1,295 people, the majority being young men, crossed the English Channel in a single day.

Record number of illegal migrants enter England in a single day
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A record number of migrants have entered England via the English Channel in a single day. 1,295 people, most of whom are young men, arrived in small boats on August 22 with no pushback from the Home Office or the current Tory government.

The Telegraph reported, “On what was the busiest day of the year, the Royal Navy and Border Force intercepted 27 boats from France, each on average carrying nearly 50 migrants, who were brought ashore.”

“That is the largest number since the previous high of 1,185 in November last year and takes the total of migrants reaching the UK past 22,500 so far this year, more than double the rate in 2021."

A report published by LBC stated that according to leaked figures, just under 40% of all migrants who made the perilous journey over the English Channel on small boats in the summer came from Albania, a country that is not at war — a staggering statistic.

Commentators and news pundits weighed in with their reactions.

Nigel Farage tweeted, reacting to the Independent's report, “So, 1295 people illegally crossed the Channel yesterday. It is a new record. Nearly all young men, many from Albania. This is a disgrace.”

Conservative commentator Dominique Samuels tweeted her reaction, “The number of boat arrivals continues to reach record levels.

Whilst this is happening, it’s estimated that 10,000 illegals arrived on the backs of lorries in 2021.

Illegal migration needs to be declared a national emergency.”

Mahyar Tousi reacted to the dinghies parked up at the port of Dover, “This is extremely embarrassing for a country that once ruled the waves. Our political class continue to let us down.”

I’ve personally covered the migrant crisis in England before, and I can say that the government really doesn't want you to know the truth.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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