HOLLYWOOD ACTORS: America's “tree-to-toilet pipeline” destroying Canadian forests

HOLLYWOOD ACTORS: America's “tree-to-toilet pipeline” destroying Canadian forests
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An environmentalist group founded by a Hollywood actor wants to shame companies into producing more sustainable toilet paper.

In their updated report entitled The Issue with Tissue 2.0, the American environmentalist group Natural Resources Defense Council claims that the “tree-to-toilet pipeline” funneling pulp from Canada's vast forestry sector to American manufacturers to meet consumer demand for bathroom tissue is destroyed our environment.

According to the NRDC:

Every second, 1,400 square feet of the Canadian boreal are clearcut, a footprint the size of a small house — in part to make toilet paper.

Last year, the group first reported on the purported link between “major U.S. tissue product manufacturers and the destruction of one of the most ecologically important forests in the world, Canada’s boreal forest.”

Founded by Leonardo DiCaprio, the board of trustees for NRDC includes fellow actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Robert Redford.

Canada has 8,953 trees per person. The private sector plants half a billion dollars worth of trees every year.

Earlier this year, enviro-activists cut off 3,000 jobs at a pulp and paper mill in Nova Scotia, causing devastation across the province's forestry sector as wood lots and sawmills were forced to shut down after claiming that the effluent in the water was killing fish, or something.

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