Trudeau's tree planting promise BROKEN — So is the climate change panic over?

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A major liberal climate policy is being quietly shelved. I'm glad to hear it, but why isn't the climate change worrywart media holding Justin Trudeau to account for it?

Back during the 2019 election campaign, Justin Trudeau said that his government was going to plant trees to fight climate change.

According to the National Post at the time: 

Justin Trudeau promised Friday that a real elected liberal government would use revenues from the Trans mountain pipeline to pay for a 3 billion dollar plan to use nature to combat climate change which includes planting 2 billion trees over the next decade.

And now we know the summer jobs tree-planting program won't be going ahead.

Not because the private sector already plants half a billion dollars worth of trees every year without government intervention, or because Canada already has 8,953 trees per person.

According to Blacklock's Reporter

Cabinet will not launch a promised “ambitious” tree-planting blitz this year though it was proposed to create thousands of summer jobs. The Liberal Party in its 2019 election platform said planting hundreds of millions of trees a year would put 3,500 unemployed to work.

“Program details are being developed,” cabinet wrote in an Inquiry Of Ministry tabled in the Commons. “As the plan is being developed, the projected breakdown of trees planted has yet to be determined.”

I suppose it's a good thing that money wasn't wasted on this, but it's weird that the same people — the Liberals — who won't shut up about climate change are letting this program die so quietly.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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