WATCH: Rex Murphy talks Trudeau, modern journalism with Holly Doan from Blacklock's Reporter

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Blacklock's Reporter publisher and award-winning journalist Holly Doan joined Rex Murphy's RexTV to discuss a number of topics in this extended interview.

Doan spoke about the desire for Blacklock's to be a document driven news outlet, one that focuses more on the facts and less on adjectives. Speaking about the recent uptick in subscribers that Blacklock's has seen since the beginning of the pandemic, Doan said that in her opinion, Canadians are starting to rediscover the value of quality media after journalism had become something people expected they should get for free.

Doan also talked about how the goal for Blacklock's is to be a truly independent outlet, one that won't bend to pressure public or government pressure.

For more long-form interviews with Canadian newsmakers, be sure to follow Rex Murphy's YouTube channel.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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