Neighbours REACT: Bombing suspect from Richmond Hill charged with possessing images of children

An alleged bomb-maker now faces multiple charges of possession and distribution of child pornography — and the quiet suburban Richmond Hill, Ont., neighbourhood where he resides is being kept in the dark!

Rebel News exclusively reported earlier this month that Reza Mohammadiasl — who along with his son, Mahyar, was charged in May of being in possession of an explosive device and detonator — now faces additional charges of possession and distribution of kiddie porn (nothing has been proven in a court of law.)

But why is it that the people who live on Mohammadiasl’s street — and the elementary school around the corner — haven’t been informed about someone who might be a potential predator? And why is he out on bail given the seriousness of the charges?

Rebel News went to the Larratt Lane neighbourhood seeking answers (although turns out we were the ones providing information.) And once again we even paid a visit to the Mohammadiasl residence.