How long will fence preventing illegal occupation at Toronto Metropolitan University last?

Anti-Israel encampments are starting to pop up at Canadian schools, but Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) has erected a fence to stop a takeover of its grounds — how long will it last, asks David Menzies.

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I paid a visit to my old alma mater, Ryerson University, the other day. And my, how things have changed since I took journalism at this institution back in the early ’80s. For starters, it’s no longer called Ryerson University — it's now TMU, Toronto Metropolitan University.

Yes, Egerton Ryerson was smeared and cancelled a few years ago, his statue torn down as police looked on. Talk about Cancel Culture 101…

As well, there is a grassy area of Ryerson known as The Quad. I remember playing touch football here back during yester-decade. But when we paid a recent visit, the entire Quad was off limits. A yellow steel fence prevented anyone from playing or picnicking there.

Signage noted: “Closed for spring maintenance and for protection due to concerns about unauthorized activity.” True enough, there were some landscapers working on the grounds — that would account for the spring maintenance part.

As for “protection due to concerns about unauthorized activity”?

Well, surely this somewhat cryptic statement by the TMU administration is a message indicating that TMU does not want its campus to resemble what’s occurred at other universities such as Columbia in New York or UCLA in Los Angeles. At these institutions of higher learning, pro-Hamas hooligans continue to occupy the campuses. In some cases, demonstrators have acted out violently as they chant for genocide (but, as per usual, expect the mainstream media to describe these sit-ins as “mostly peaceful.”)

There is some irony at play here in terms of the fencing at TMU. We suspect the administrators at this uber-woke university are no fans of former president Donald Trump and his policy of walling off the U.S.-Mexico border. But when it comes to preventing riffraff from invading their august institution, well, perhaps walls and fences do have a purpose after all.

Still, the question remains: how long will the fence ward off the pro-Hamas demonstrators? Because several hours after our visit to TMU, a similar fence on the property of the University of Toronto was breached and tents were erected.

Stay tuned.

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