Roxham Road UPDATE: Situation, official story changes hourly at illegal border crossing

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For a while, it appeared that Rebel News would be the last media outlet to report from the notorious Roxham Road border crossing on Friday night.

Indeed, as of Saturday morning, Roxham Road wasn’t just (allegedly) closed to illegal aliens — it was also closed off to journalists.

That’s what I discovered when I revisited Roxham Road on Saturday, less than 12 hours after the midnight border closure supposedly took effect.

The reason for my visit:

I just wanted to visually confirm that illegal migrants would indeed be prevented from venturing onto Canadian soil as Justin Trudeau promised at a Friday morning press conference.

Then again, we know the Liberals have been less than truthful in recent weeks when it comes to certain facts about the Coronovirus and public safety (Exhibit A: just about anything that comes out of the mouth of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.)

But alas, on Saturday morning, the Quebec Provincial Police were preventing members of the media from getting near the border crossing. (When I say “media,” I mean us given that CBC, CTV, Global, etc., were AWOL.)

One QPP officer said that one reason for the lack of access was that the authorities did not want Roxham Road to become a focal point for any anti-migrant sentiment. (That sounded weird given that Roxham is a public road and Canadians have the right to protest.)

Would it not be in the self-interest of the Justin Trudeau Liberals to have the media visually prove that the Liberals are keeping their word? You know, that Justin has finally shutdown this sieve-like illegal border crossing in the name of public safety?

Or was there perhaps activity still occurring here that the Liberals didn’t want the media — and law-abiding members of the Canadian public — to see?

Otherwise, why the need for what amounts to secrecy and even martial law on Roxham Road?

But around 2 p.m., the narrative suddenly changed yet again:

A QPP officer told me that I was free to walk down (but not drive) to the border crossing. He said the RCMP had finished their work there — namely, they were allegedly erecting a new fence.

By this point, not a single anti-migrant protester could be seen.

And when I arrived at the border I saw no evidence of a new fence (but there were more RCMP cruisers than I observed on Friday night.)

I spent hours at the border, but not a single illegal migrant ever appeared, so no showdown ever occurred.

As for what the ever-changing Roxham Road rules will be in the hours ahead?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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