Roxham Road: Illegal border crossing FINALLY shut down — but for how long?

At long last! That notorious illegal immigration portal leading from New York State to the province of Quebec known as Roxham Road has been rightly (albeit reluctantly) closed by the Justin Trudeau Liberals, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But how long will it be until this “loophole” is reinstated and more migrants flood into Canada from the U.S.?

The federal government had no ethical choice:

In light of the deadly coronavirus global pandemic, how could the nation’s legitimate border crossings be shutdown to law-abiding people yet “irregular” border crossings such as Roxham Road would remain open to illegal aliens?

On Friday morning Prime Minister Trudeau announced that illegal immigrants making their way to Canada would no longer be allowed into our dominion; since 2017, some 50,000 illegal immigrants have come into Canada via Roxham Road.

So it was that I hustled up to Roxham Road to see if there would be a last-minute rush of migrants over the border prior to the midnight lockdown deadline.

Thankfully, that last-minute rush never did materialize — looks like Trudeau’s sudden about-face on open borders caught everyone by surprise.

Now, the question remains: when this pandemic ends, will the closed border at Roxham Road revert back to sieve status? What do you think?

If you think Roxham Road should remain closed, sign our petition at

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