Will Trudeau really close Roxham Road border to save Canada from coronavirus?

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Justin Trudeau has announced that he has reached a deal with Donald Trump to close the illegal Canadian US border crossing known as Roxham Road. The notorious border crossing has been the prime destination for healthcare grifting illegal migrants who want access to Canadian gold plated Social Services while the US attempts to deport them back to their countries.

This decision does not seem to be retroactive, meaning all illegals who made it into Canada already are “saved by the bell”. They will be quarantined and will continue to suck up preciously scarce Healthcare resources from Canadians who are battling the #coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation.

This measure also appears to be temporary, meaning that the moment Trudeau can start prioritizing illegal migrants over Canadians again, he will. Only a matter of time before life gets back to normal, and for Justin Trudeau that means importing tens of thousands of illegals a year.

If you are utterly outraged by Trudeau’s blatant disregard for the safety of Canadians, please click here or visit CloseTheBorder.ca to sign our petition to properly close the border now.
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  • By Ezra Levant

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