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Russell Brand becomes target of mainstream media for questioning COVID narratives

In a recent video, Brand slammed vaccine mandates as an authoritarian assault on bodily freedom. 

Russell Brand becomes target of mainstream media for questioning COVID narratives
Russell Brand
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Comedian, entertainer and political activist Russell Brand is earning the ire of the progressive left for his refusal to fall in line with their politics and instead commune with Dr. Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Tim Pool, and other heterodox voices in politics and culture — and for saying the quiet parts out loud. 

The mainstream media is now beginning to form a narrative against the political thinker as his popularity grows and amplifies the challenge he poses to the political machine. 

Brand has always sought to challenge narratives by questioning the mainstream media and its reporting on myriad topics. Lately, Brand has made the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus the subject of his YouTube videos. He has also sought to question the authority possessed by unelected officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci and others like him for the power they wield over the populace. 

In a recent video, Brand slammed vaccine mandates as an authoritarian assault on bodily freedom. 

“The idea of mandating something, that’s authoritarianism,” said Brand. “That’s what that is. That’s telling people they have to do stuff… I think that it’s pretty significant and serious around this issue, even though I would never tell anybody what they should do with their own body, that’s my personal perspective."

“Trying to sustain a state of hysteria I think is unfair and manipulative,” said Brand about the media and the government’s continued efforts to promote fear of the pandemic. 

“What should take place is a judicious series of decisions based on principles of freedom. The very principles countries like the United States of America are founded upon. You're gonna have to take that word out of the Constitution if you're not willing to live by its values,” he said. 

The freethinking political commentator had freethought too hard. Brand was promptly attacked by the Daily Beast for simply stating that he did not want to see any government impose such requirements on its citizenry, in an article written by the publication’s entertainment reporter that falsely refers to Brand as a “contrarian” and a “powerful voice for anti-vaxxers” — the latest in a series of diatribes targeting Brand for going against the grain.

Brand also gained ire from the Democrat-aligned media after daring to speak out against Clinton propaganda by absolving former President Trump of wrongdoing in the so-called Russiagate scandal. The scandal shed new light on how the scandal was manufactured following the indictment of Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, who is accused of lying to the FBI, Rebel News reported.

“I remember it was seen as a defining issue. … It was in a way being discussed as if it was just an absolute fact," Brand said. "To discover that it was propaganda, a construct, a confection by the Democratic Party, who of course are now in government, is kind of beyond disappointing because you begin to question and query what other things may not be true. Once you recognize that people create certain truths in order to meet certain ends and aims, the idea that you might be able to trust their integrity obviously dissolves."

"This in itself is a big enough issue to cause concern, but what else is implied?" he added. "I suppose what I think is, it suggests to me — it suggests that everything is a kind of construct. All of the information that’s peddled and rendered is unreliable. The primary function is to create a state where people do not query or question and go along with edicts and ideas that are convenient to the powerful, and truth is just lost and just irrelevant for expedience."

One viewer highlighted the “problem” Brand poses to the mainstream narrative in succinct fashion, writing: “I’m beginning to get a little concerned for Russell’s safety. He’s cutting through false narratives like few people with his level of popularity and voice have ever successfully done before. The educational and empowered movement that he has started with this YouTube channel needs to hit critical mass soon. It’s up to us to make the spirit of this channel go worldwide. Share these videos with everyone and remember to reject identities and beliefs that divide us. We are all together in saving this world from this kind of evil. Thanks for what you are doing Russell.”

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