SAVE THE CHRISTIANS: Rebel goes to Iraq to document how your donations are saving lives

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I went on a special mission that we haven't told anyone about until now, after I was safely back home.

I went to Iraqi Kurdistan.

I was there to document our ongoing efforts to help the Christians of Iraq as part of our Save The Christians fundraising campaign.

Christians in the region have survived an ISIS genocide in the place that has been the cradle of Christianity for nearly 2 millennia, and now they need our help.

Some want to leave, knowing they can never be safe in their homes when an age old bigotry against them is all around.

Others want to return to rebuild their communities and churches that were destroyed by génocidaires, refusing to be purged from their indigenous homeland.

We — you at home and us at Rebel News — are helping the Christians of Iraq and Syria do what they must for their families.

We quietly partnered with the Nazarene Fund and their in-country contractors, White Mountain Research, to provide financial support to Christian focused aid efforts in Iraqi Kurdistan.

I went across the world to document the difference we've been making in the lives of Christians in the Middle East, to show you how you've helped and to ask you to help one more time.

Be a part of giving the gift of safety and freedom to Christian families in Iraq this Christmas. 

Please visit for more information and to help chip in.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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