SCANDAL: Extravagant spending and hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has once again been caught with his pants down. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation revealed, on April 10, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation spent $190,000 of taxpayers' money on airline food during a tour of the Indo-Pacific region last fall. The total bill for the six-day trip amounted to $1.9 million of taxpayers' money.

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During an interview on the second day of the Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa, Franco Terrazzano, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, highlighted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's spending habits, especially regarding a recent document they obtained. Terrazzano lambasted Trudeau's extravagant use of taxpayers' money, emphasizing the lack of transparency surrounding government expenditures.

Terrazzano expressed dismay at Trudeau's recent spending spree during a trip to the Indo-Pacific region, revealing that Trudeau and his delegation squandered a staggering $190,000 on airline food alone. The total bill for the six-day trip amounted to nearly $2 million of taxpayer money, further contributing to Trudeau's extensive history of overpriced excursions.

Highlighting previous instances of lavish spending, Terrazzano cited Trudeau's $6,000 per night hotel room during the Queen's funeral in London and exorbitant hotel expenses during a two-day anti-poverty summit in Manhattan. He criticized the government's propensity for luxurious travel while Canadians grapple with economic challenges such as rising mortgage rates, inflation, and a housing crisis.

Regarding government transparency, Terrazzano lamented the arduous process of obtaining information through access to information requests, stating, "We had to file access to information requests just to get the receipts." He emphasized the importance of holding public officials accountable for their spending habits and called for increased scrutiny of government travel expenses.

In response to Trudeau's spending spree, Terrazzano urged politicians and bureaucrats to exercise fiscal responsibility and prioritize the needs of Canadians. He called for increased scrutiny of government travel expenses and greater accountability for public officials entrusted with managing taxpayer funds.

As Terrazzano concluded, "Not only are they wasting your money going on these trips abroad, but then, in some instances, they're trying to hide it."

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