Liberals find a new way to stop pipelines: Blame sexism

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The government-owned Transmountain pipeline is on hold, yet again.

Construction is delayed to allow the courts to hear 6 more appeals to block the pipeline based on environmental concerns. After 4.5 billion dollars in tax dollar investment that didn’t need to be, the Liberal government failed to mount a legal defense of the pipeline before the courts.

The Liberals are trying to be all things to all people: Outwardly masquerading as pro-oil and gas while doing nothing to advance the cause when they have the opportunity to make a difference.

And if you speak up about the Liberal bungling of oil and gas, or against the carbon tax, the media is trying to label you as part of a disturbing trend of right-wing misogyny ⁠— a trend that seems to be evidenced by anecdotes about swearing and unbelievable stories from female environmentalists.

My guest tonight is Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong. He joins me tonight to talk about the Liberals repeated screw-ups on the pipeline file, what that means for the future of Canada and how screaming about sexism is the new “shut up and pay your carbon tax!”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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