PETITION: Stop the War on Farmers!

The green war on farming is a war on humanity. It’s a genocidal ideology. If you agree with me that the war on farmers must end, sign our petition to stop the war on farmers.

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Unlike so many journalists in the mainstream media, I am a farmer, So I know a thing or two.

There is a war on farming, and it is a global war. It’s a war on human health, human development, and society, and the people waging this war see neolithic, pre-farming humanity, filled with violence, suffering, short lives, scarcity, and illness, as the low carbon net-zero goal, the ideal and not just a stepping stone to who and what we are now.

Humanity, all 9 billion of us need food, and an abundance of food. And farmers do a good job of producing it and keeping us from starvation, malnutrition, and death. No farmers, no food. Some people know this. But the green movement has other plans that seem genocidal at face value.

And governments, so frequently infected by the UN and the World Economic Forum’s anti-humanity agendas, are often the sharp end of the spear in the war on productive modern agriculture.

Last month the Liberals tried to label nutritious, healthy, locally grown Canadian beef as dangerous to your health but pushback from the public put a stop to that. And maybe pressure might do the same again and save farmers from the next unscientific attack on their work to feed the world and keep city people from dying of starvation in a concrete wasteland.

We have seen a farmer uprising in the Netherlands as the Dutch PM Mark Rutte is imposing nitrogen emissions targets that could force farmers off the land, cull livestock, and will limit fertilizer use that will shrink yields, harm farmers financially, and cause even worse food inflation at the grocery store for consumers.

And in Sri Lanka, farmers were forced to move to fully organic farming, and the yields collapsed, food is scarce, farmers are broke, and people are rioting.

Wars are fought and civilizations have fallen over food and resources.

And even after seeing this, Prime Minister Trudeau, who is clearly not a smart man, is introducing the same nitrogen targets for Canadian farmers, who are already being hammered by carbon taxes, inflation, and supply chain issues. And you should care because if you eat, you are involved.

Net-zero climate policies are waging war against farmers and consumers. It’s a war for the future. Will you eat what you are meant to, or the bugs because the World Economic Forum told you to?

Will you stand with farmers as they resist these apocalyptic policies? I know I will. Ask yourself why the people in charge want you malnourished, weak and unable to think?

If you agree that the government and global elite's war on farmers must end, sign the petition at

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Stop The War On Farmers

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Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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