'My son should be with me at dinner,' says mother of Israeli hostage in Gaza

Shlomo Ziv was working security at the Nova music festival in Re'im, Israel on October 7. His family hasn't heard from him since.

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At a recent demonstration calling for the release of the over 230 hostages held captive by the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, I spoke with a mother and sister who await news of one of the captives, Shlomo Ziv.

Shlomo was working security at the now infamous party that took place in Re'im, Israel on October 7. Hamas terrorists stormed the grounds of the party via paraglider and trucks, murdering over 250 partygoers and taking others hostage. 

Shlomo's mother and sister held hands throughout this emotional interview, saying that they are waiting for miracles to happen and for their beloved son and brother to be returned to them.

"We are in favour of peace," Shlomo's sister said. "But with those who want peace, not with something that killed, and slaughtered, and burned, and kidnapped more than 200 people.

Posters of kidnapped Israelis have now been plastered all across the world, and an increasingly popular tactic among Israel opponents is to rip down these posters. In at least one instance, a woman confronted after ripping down posters of Israeli hostages said she was doing so because there aren't really any hostages at all. 

Asked to respond to those who claim the hostages aren't real, Shlomo's mother said she wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. "They should believe, really. They should open their eyes. Because this could be in anyone’s backyard," she said. "This could happen in anyone’s backyard and it is a shame. A shame that blood should be spilled for no reason."

Shlomo's relatives ended the interview by saying that the truth will always come out. His mother concluded by saying that she has nothing more to say to hostage deniers but the following: "The Jewish nation lives. And we will win."

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