Should government require vaccine passports? Torontonians respond

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"We are looking very carefully at it, hoping to align with allied countries," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said recently about vaccine ‘passports.’

While the government claims there is overwhelming support for vaccines, this alleged super-majority is not quite the monolith elected officials would have the citizenry believe.

This was showcased recently when Rebel News went out to speak to people in downtown Toronto.

Keep in mind that despite Ontario’s province-wide 'Stay-at-Home order' that demands individuals stay home with exceptions for 'essential' reasons, there was no shortage of people to speak to. Technically, the many people that were eating lunch, picking up makeup or taking a break in the city square were breaking the law, if we consider this a lawful order.

Approximately half of the people questioned were against getting a COVID vaccine over fear of side effects or lack of proper safety testing. The other half who had already gotten the vaccine, or planned to do so, figured it was worth it to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

Less than 10 per cent of respondents, however — just a handful of people — were in favour of a vaccine passport.

"We live in a society that actually cares about people, so you have to consider other people instead of only yourself," one man lectured.

The overwhelming majority of those who chose to answer questions instead preferred personal freedom, and did not think that the government should be mandating a policy that would discriminate against individuals based on vaccination status.

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