'Six months in hell': Montreal Jewish community gathers to honour victims of Hamas terror attack

Montreal's Jewish community and supporters of Israel held an event to commemorate the victims six months after the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack against Israel left 1,200 dead and saw 240 taken hostage, 130 of which remain unaccounted for.

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In a gathering on April 7, the Jewish community and supporters congregated at the CIJA building in Montreal, where the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Museum stands, to honour the memory of those affected by the October 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel six months prior.

The event, titled "Six Months in Hell," commemorated the victims of the devastating assault which resulted in over 1,200 casualties and the abduction of 240 hostages, 130 of which are still unaccounted for.

Expressing the profound impact of the attacks, one attendee claimed, "It's like I've lost someone in my own family." Another participant emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, "It's been six months, six long months, and we can't wait any longer."

With the rise of antisemitism in Canada — especially in Montreal — someone from the community observed, "We feel like we're not really protected by our government," highlighting the contrast with the security measures in Israel.

Concerns were also raised regarding the political pressures influencing decisions, with comments on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's vow to address the situation and subsequent developments.

Amid escalating tensions and geopolitical complexities, there were calls for unity and resilience. "We just have to pray and be strong, pray for Israel, pray for the peace of Jerusalem," remarked one attendee. The enduring pain and longing for resolution were palpable, with a determination expressed to continue advocating until all hostages are returned safely.

While asking about the people who are protesting in the street in favor of Hamas and Palestine, members of the community had a lot to say. "Shame on them. Shame on Canada for allowing this and for not protecting our families, our communities, and fellow Canadians," highlighting the tension and antisemitic crimes that plague the region of Montreal. Another individual remarked, "We are in Montreal. It's not Israel here. This is not the way this country was founded on. And I think protesting and calling for the genocide of the Jews is not something tolerated in society."

As the Montreal community came together to commemorate the victims and stand in solidarity with Israel, the event served as a reminder of the enduring resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

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