Six OPP cruisers sent to ticket lone teen protester a waste of police resources

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Earlier this month, we shared the story of Christina McMichael and her daughter Meghan, who had an encounter with six police SUVs and two $750 tickets after Meghan walked in front of her school with signs in a solo protest.

Christina went along with her for safety, and thank goodness she did. She was able to film her daughter’s interaction with the police, which eventually went viral on TikTok. The high schooler received mixed feedback online. There was support, anger, and even death threats, not to mention the tickets.

Now we’ve already told you that Christina was ticketed that day, but what you may not know is that the next day, while at a peaceful protest, Christina AND her daughter — who's a minor — both received more tickets!

It sounds insane, but I learned that it is legal to serve tickets to minors as young as 12 under the Reopening Ontario Act.

But don’t worry, because we are helping them fight these tickets in court at no cost to them through our Fight The Fines campaign. This is Rebel News’ largest civil liberties project ever, where we help Canadians fight their lockdown tickets by hooking them up with top notch criminal defence lawyers.

In this video, I speak with Christina’s legal team for an update on her case.

Is ticketing a single mother and her teenage daughter really the top priority of police in Huron County? I reached out to the Huron County detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police for a comment.

I asked them to clarify a few things, and specifically if it’s common for their department to ticket minors. They responded with, quote:

Huron County Ontario Provincial Police continues to encourage everyone to follow emergency measures and health recommendations.

I guess they didn’t see Prime Minister Trudeau in the U.K. the other week rubbing elbows with the Queen.

The email continues:

Should violations happen, enforcement action may occur such as issuing tickets.

Sounds great, you guys.

Thanks to the incredible patrons who have already donated to Fight The Fines through the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund, we have the power to help families like the McMichaels, and hundreds more.

If you want to help us fight these tyrannical lockdown tickets, please visit today, and make a donation. Remember, you’ll get a charitable tax receipt through our partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund.

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