OPP send SIX CRUISERS to mother & daughter's walking protest

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This week, I visited beautiful Bayfield, Ontario, located on Lake Huron, to speak with Christina McMichael.

Christina and her daughter Meghan caught our attention when they were met with six police SUVs and two $750 tickets this past April.

What did this mother and daughter do to receive such treatment, you might ask? The answer: they walked in front of Meghan’s closed school with signs. If sending six police SUVs to intimidate a single mother and her daughter and serve them with tickets sounds like a bit of an overreaction, we’re right with you.

When I spoke to Christina, she was well-spoken and incredibly kind, so when she told me that she had called the police liaison for her district to give them a friendly heads-up about her daughter’s intention to protest, I could only imagine that she was just as levelheaded during that interaction.

Christina told me that her talk with the liaison officer was civil, but it didn’t end how she hoped. Instead of making a note, and moving on to actual crime, the police instead decided to send in the brigade to intercept her daughter.

Christina and her daughter filmed the event and posted it on TikTok, where it received over a million views. The reception was mixed; many people were supporters of the 17-year-old’s zest, but of course there were also haters, among them even death threats.

Christina said she was proud of her daughter, even if her actions bring consequences. What Christina and her daughter want to be abundantly clear is that they are in no way anti-police, and that they do not want any hate directed at the OPP, or police in general. Christina and her daughter simply want to share their message that school should be back in session.

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