Sky News Australia CANCELS Alan Jones

His final show airing tonight on Sky News.

Sky News Australia CANCELS Alan Jones
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Host Alan Jones will leave Sky News Australia with his final show airing tonight at 8pm.

Jones has been with the network since 2013 when he co-hosted Richo + Jones with Graham Richardson. In 2016 he co-hosted the popular Jones & Co often featuring Peta Credlin until the network gave him Alan Jones in July of 2020 which airs four nights a week.


“I write in my regular Thursday column to advise you that the management at Sky News have indicated to me that they will not renew my contract, which ends on November 30,” wrote Alan Jones, in his column.


Discussions with Sky News Australia about potential opportunities in 2022 have failed to come to an agreement, according to a statement.

Jones was offered a hosting position on the network’s little-known Flash streaming service, which he rejected.


“Regrettably, Alan has decided not to accept a new role that was offered to him for next year. We respect his decision and know he will be missed by many,” said Paul Whittaker, CEO of Sky News Australia.

“Alan has contributed greatly to Sky News Australia over the years, advocating without fear or favour on the issues important to many Australians. His compelling commentary and views on the national debate have seen him become one of the country’s most successful and influential broadcasters for close to four decades.

I’d like to thank Alan for his commendable dedication and service to Sky News. We wish him well.”


Jones said that Sky News blamed ratings for the decision, but Jones argued that the network often withheld his popular content from social media for fear of being cancelled.


My point is, the total who go to the Alan Jones opinion area is, pleasingly, greater than the aggregate of all other Sky News hosts. In recent times my material hasn't been widely published on these sites as the company has felt under threat from being cancelled,” said Jones.

I am only offering all of this because, for most of my professional life, I have never defended myself against criticisms of my performance.

I merely let the figures speak for themselves, as they did in radio and, as I think you can see from above, they have, in my brief stint on television.

May I say, I have enjoyed my experience thoroughly.”


Alan Jones is regarded as one of the last ‘right-wing’ hosts on Sky News prepared to challenge controversial topics such as Covid Health Orders and Climate Change policy.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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