Some federal agencies report that over 50% of those fired over vax status were women

'They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists', Trudeau said of the unvaccinated in a September 16, 2021 interview which aired on the French-language program 'La semaine des 4 Julie'. 

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An inquiry of federal ministries, posed by Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu (@MarilynGladuSL) representing Sarnia-Lambton, asked for a demographic breakdown of public service employees placed on “unpaid leave” due to COVID-19 vaccination status. The federal government began mandating proof of vaccination as a term of employment for federal employees and those working in federally regulated industries in December 2021.

Health Canada put 52 people on unpaid leave over their vaccine status — including 31 women. Of the 52 individuals laid off, 13 were visible minorities

The Public Health Agency of Canada put 14 people on unpaid leave — including 11 women, roughly 75 per cent of the total.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency put 49 people on unpaid leave — including 33 women and 9 visible minorities.

Of the half dozen people put on unpaid leave by the Nuclear Safety Commission, five were women.

Public Prosecution Service confirmed of the 5 people they put on unpaid leave, four were women.

At Public Service and Procurement — the people responsible for acquiring vaccines — 185 people put on unpaid leave, including 109 women, six Aboriginals, seven people with disabilities and 44 visible minorities.

In contrast, the Privy Council Office — Trudeau's bureaucratic office — refuses to disclose the demographic breakdown of the four people they put on leave over their vaccine status citing “privacy.”

The federally provided data matches Abacus polling which found that the “Typical 'vaccine hesitant’ person is a 42-year-old Ontario woman who votes Liberal.”

That hasn't stopped Trudeau, an avowed male feminist, from villainizing his former voters over their private medical choices:

“They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people? Or do we say, hey, most of the Quebecois people – 80 per cent – are vaccinated. We want to come back to things we like doing. It’s not those people who are blocking us.”


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  • By Ezra Levant

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