Speaking with your dollar: Responding to woke banks and frozen accounts

'We believe in community. We believe in family, trust, and security,' Bow Valley Credit Union board chair Kevin Karpovich told Rebel News journalist Adam Soos at a freedom in finance event held by Canadians for Truth in Calgary.

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A sad reality that confronts us on a daily basis is that most major corporations and their shareholders are pretty much all in on pushing radical woke progressivism. From overweight fitness models to biological men doing women’s modelling gigs, it is everywhere you look.

Banks are no exception, in fact they are often the most aggressive when it comes to pushing environmental and gender ideology in their advertising, which should come as no surprise when most of them are owned at least in part by the same investment groups (Blackrock and Vanguard, to name a few).

Unlike fitness companies, clothing brands or beer brewers which you can quite easily boycott, banks becoming ideologically driven instead of simply investing and holding funds can be significantly more detrimental to society, and to individuals as we saw during the Freedom Convoy.

Many were willing to look the other way when woke issues were being pushed tirelessly by their banks, but when law-abiding citizens in Canada had their bank accounts frozen for daring to support the Freedom Convoy, people had to take a serious look at where they were keeping their money. But with so many banks on the far-left page, where could anyone turn to find banking solutions that either jived with their politics or steered clear of ideological pursuits altogether?

Canadians for Truth recently held an event to tackle the question of what freedom focused people can do with their money. Kevin Karpovich, chair of the Bow Valley Credit Union, who was the featured guest of the evening joined Rebel News to discuss upcoming federal policies that are set to shape the banking landscape moving forward and to discuss the appetite for alternatives to the big banks.

Bow Valley Credit Union, who refused to freeze bank accounts during the Freedom Convoy, recently sponsored Tucker Carlson events in Alberta, and since that time they have seen 26 million dollars in new deposits come in.

We also spoke with Canadians for Truth founder and former Conservative Party leadership hopeful Joseph Bourgault, who is a successful entrepreneur, about the importance of speaking with your money, in addition to speaking with Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup Champion Theoren Fleury about the need for options in banking that focus on serving customers instead of special interest groups and WEF lobbyists.

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