Sydney aquarium accused of fabricating 'gay penguins' to influence kids

Claims aquarium manipulated penguins to act gay, sparking controversy over LGBTQ+ agenda in schools.

Sydney aquarium accused of fabricating 'gay penguins' to influence kids
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Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium has been accused of creating “fake gay penguins” to indoctrinate children.

Family First national director Lyle Shelton said the aquarium’s boast that Sphen and Magic were homosexual penguins was false.

He said staff at the aquarium had manipulated the penguins into acting gay even though they were not.

And worse, the falsehood was now being used to push LGBTQ ideology onto NSW school students.

The aquarium announced earlier this year that Sphen and Magic were homosexuals because, when given an egg, they cared for it and the resulting chick.

The example has now been included in the NSW syllabus.

But Shelton slammed the aquarium for failing to be honest about “how these two male penguins had been manipulated from the very start”.

“You see, penguins, particularly gentoos, as these two are, are astounding creatures who in 90 per cent of cases, will bond for life with their breeding mate.

“So, when these two were given eggs to incubate together, this would have encouraged them to stay together for future breeding cycles and effectively stopped them from seeking out female partners.”

In other words, the penguins were not gay at all. They just worked together because, when given an egg by humans, they instinctively cared for it. quoted an example from Denmark of penguins that had “adopted” an egg abandoned by a female penguin.

This was evidently proof that gay penguins existed, as if working together to care for an abandoned chick somehow proved a sexual attraction between the birds and could now be cited as evidence to NSW school children that homosexuality was natural.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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