Taylor Lorenz claims 'Big Tech' is censoring her free speech

Lorenz, the Washington Post reporter who was recently lambasted for doxxing the person behind popular Twitter account 'Libs of TikTok,' now claims she is being silenced by Big Tech.

Taylor Lorenz claims 'big tech' is censoring her free speech
Libs of TikTok/Twitter
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Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post reporter who doxxed the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account, says she is being silenced after her account was suspended on former President Donald Trump’s platform, Truth Social.

Lorenz, who was lambasted for revealing the identity and personal details of the popular Twitter account that curates the left’s own content, claims she is being “silenced by Big Tech.”

“I’m being silenced by Big Tech,” lamented Lorenz on Twitter, sharing an email purportedly sent to her by Truth Social.

The email informed her that she was suspended from using the platform.

Lorenz, who has repeatedly called for tightening restrictions on social media use, claims she “didn’t do anything” to merit the ban.

Truth Social, like other social media networks, bans users for activity and behaviour that occur outside the platform. Presumably, Lorenz was banned for doxxing “Libs of TikTok” in her Washington Post article, which resulted in the harassment of a woman who shared the same name as its proprietor.

Truth Social, which has failed to garner significant engagement since its troubled launch in February, can hardly be described as a member of “Big Tech,” which has typically referred to Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Meta and other massive companies.

On Sunday, Lorenz attempted to justify her actions to CNN’s Brian Stelter, stating on his show that the “Libs of TikTok” account could have been a “foreign actor,” citing it as a reason to investigate the account.

“I think it’s rare to see an account gain so much prominence so quickly and be shaping these narratives in such an effective way, especially against trans people,” she said. “And I think it’s incredibly important, you know, as someone that covers the influencer industry to know who is exerting influence in this way. I mean, for all we knew, this could have been a foreign actor, right, or someone — we just didn’t know.”

Lorenz also claimed that the account was “targeting” individuals of the queer persuasion.

“Libs of TikTok” continues to post videos of teachers professing how they engage children with topics of gender and sexual identity. Some have also made disparaging remarks about parents.

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