Team Trudeau blew through 76.5 million litres of jet fuel since 2019

Just another example of hypocrisy from the Trudeau Liberals.

Team Trudeau blew through 76.5 million litres of jet fuel since 2019
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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Despite the Liberals' public health emergency and the so-called climate emergency, the PM's jet use exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

The information about the Liberal VIPs' high-carbon, high-flying ways comes from an inquiry of ministry posed by Conservative MP Kyle Seeback who asked the Department of National Defence for the cost of the carbon tax for the fuel in the Prime Minister's Challenger and Polaris jets.

While the DND could not provide that specific data, replying that "National Defence tracks hours flown for aircraft versus kilometers flown as a standard metric," the agency was able to break down the number of flights hours, number of trips, and the litres of jet fuel used by the PM and his inner circle on the government aircrafts.

The data indicates that while Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet were telling everyone to "stay home to stay safe," they were taking more flights and burning through more fuel than ever during the pandemic.

2019-2020 data from the ministry detailed 2012 different flight legs, 6055 flight hours, and a fuel usage of 27,139,222 litres.

2020-2021 data included 2072 different flight legs, 6031 flight hours, and a fuel usage of 25,666,675.

2021-2022 data shows 2003 different flight legs, 6127 flight hours which burned through 23,692,992 litres of jet fuel.

A total of 76,498,859 litres of fuel were burned through the two jets in just 3 years.

What climate emergency?



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