Telus building 5G networks with China's Huawei despite revelation of “back doors” in their tech

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The Wall Street Journal broke a big story this week on the Chinese Huawei company's ability to spy on the telecom networks they build.

Huawei, according to U.S. officials, has secret “back doors” to their technology that allows the company to get into your private communications. Most telecommunications companies allow “front doors” that let law enforcement listen in to communications if they have a search warrant. I guess in the olden days they’d call that a wire tape. And that’s normal.

There are checks and balances — a judge has to agree, but what if the phone company itself wants to use that access to snoop around? 

On tonight's show, we'll talk about how the leftists at Telus are working on a new project inspired by the Liberal Party of Canada to build a 5G network for their Canadian customers with their friends at Huawei.

NEXT: China expert Gordon G. Chang on the #coronavirus.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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