Trudeau sends the Canadian military on a friendship mission to China — while Chinese military vets start a legion here. What’s going on?


I give credit to the Globe & Mail for reporting this story.

Beijing says Canadian military participation at Chinese sports competition more proof it’s not losing global support

Right there that’s odd. "Beijing says"? Is that how we had to find out about this? The Canadian military is going over to China, to have fun, play some sports, like a mini Olympics, normalizing them, befriending them, giving them moral and political cover — even though they continue to hold two Canadian civilians hostage? And we’re going over there to play some games and have some beers with them?

"Beijing’s embassy in Canada says the fact the Canadian military just sent a “big delegation” to a sporting competition in China is more evidence the Asian power is not losing friends."

So they’re bragging. They’re literally using Canada’s submission as proof that it’s doing just fine.

The Canadian government kept it a secret until the Globe and Mail broke the story:

Ottawa didn’t issue any news release before or during the games to draw attention to Canada’s participation.

Normally, that’s the sort of thing that you brag about, you tweet about, you press release and photo op about: 171 people flying to a country for a sporting event. That’s not quite an Olympic-sized delegation, but it’s huge, many millions of dollars.

Hey — do we even do that for our NATO allies? Or is this kind of love reserved for our enemies?

Oh but believe it or not, there's more:

Canadian veterans of People's Liberation Army form association, sing of China's martial glory

Members of the Canada Chinese Veteran’s Society like to gather and pay homage to the forces that crushed the Tiananmen Square protests

This is happening in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Heck, I’m surprised that Trudeau didn’t invite this team of Communist war veterans to have a special delegation to the Chinese military games last week.

I’m surprised he didn’t dress up as a Chinese soldier himself, for Halloween last night...

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