Media Party strangely quiet as Quebec announces values test for immigrants

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The Media Party ripped apart Conservatives Stephen Harper and Kellie Leitch when, in the 2015 election campaign, they suggested that we promote Canadian values to new Canadians.

After that election, Leitch ran for the Conservative Party’s leadership race, and did fairly well, in part by focusing on that values test. Of course, the media claimed the policy was “alt-right,” often putting the phrase "Canadian values" in sneering quotation marks.

The Media Party, the Liberal Party, the NDP and everyone who counts denounced Harper and Kellie Leitch as racist, and the very idea of Canadian values as old fashioned.

But then today, Quebec’s premier, Francois Legault, just passed a regulation (not even a law, that needs a vote.)

Here’s how the CBC state broadcaster reported it:

Quebec will make immigrants pass 'values' test to qualify for residency

Test will cover what government calls 'democratic values and Quebec values’

TONIGHT I'm going to take you through this news story, as well as some of their reporting on the same topic in 2015. The difference in the CBC's tone is revealing.

Every single media company I'll cite today is completely docile, submissive, passive, in the face of this regulation, but they were on the warpath against Kellie Leitch before? Why?

Because they know that Quebecers want it, just like they know that the vast majority of Quebecers want the niqab ban. Trudeau knows that. Which is why in the election campaign, he didn’t dare say he’d interfere with it.

Quebecers are also a bit sick of the border crossing with the U.S. And maybe they’re even a bit sick of Trudeau’ immigration minister, a Somali refugee himself, who screams at anyone who disagrees with him that they’re racist.

Maybe they’re fine with immigrants — who share their values.

And all of those scolds simply lack the courage to say the same things, to make the same slanders against Quebec as they do to Anglos. That’s weird, isn’t it?

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