The Alberta Government is pushing the pause button on green energy projects

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The left and the mainstream media are gnashing their teeth and wailing about the threat of a "boiling earth."

However, the super-heated rhetoric circulating Premier Danielle Smith's announcement to institute a seven-month moratorium on renewable energy projects is not grounded in reality.

The projects are on ice until their effect on the energy grid, property rights, and end-of-life issues are adequately addressed. The projects are only now going through the same rigorous project approvals process that oil and gas projects do and have undergone for decades.

But who needs truth when misinformation will do?

Joining me tonight to discuss the pause on renewables, the Hawaiian wildfires being blamed on climate change, and the toxic gas that battery farm fires cause is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.

To get tickets to Friends of Science's October 17 Climate Science event in Calgary, featuring Robert Lyman and Dr Ian Clark, please click here.

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